Employees who have no other income except income from work for his employer, rather than the tax return may ask the employer for the annual reconciliation of tax. They must do it by 
15th February.
The annual reconciliation of income tax should be asked if you had income from employment in a previous year (ie. permanent or part time employment) and while work youd did not have any 
other income (ie. trade, services, sales): The obligation to file a tax return will cease because the calculation of taxes will do an employer for you.
You must ask your last employer for whom you worked in 2014 and which is also taxable. If you as an employee did not apply tax allowances for the taxpayer and tax credit for any employer,
who is taxable, you can ask for the annual settlement of any of them.
The employer or an accountant will tell you what to do in case of doubt. Basic information can also be obtained on the info line of the financial department of Slovak Republic.
You can ask an employer for the annual reconciliation of tax by 15th February 2013 the latest. 
The employer must do the calculation of taxes by the 31st March 2013. Consequently, if it is found that the total withheld tax advances were higher than the calculated tax, the employer isrequired to pay back the difference. It should be done so by the end of May. 

In case that your employer does not exist (the company ceased, tradesman ended trade) and nor his lawyer, then you are required to fill out and file a tax return itself.

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