Slovak forms are only as an example in bureaus and schools, it is necessary to fill in the Austrian forms.

1. case – carer receiving allowances ONLY in Austria (Social Insurance office in SR revoked the claim on the basis of Austrian trade)

The quickest way to receive the family allowances in Austria is to personally go and have confirmed the suspension of family allowance at the appropriate branch of social insurance office. Use the form *E411*. It is better if the applicant has this form validated at the appropriate branch of social insurance office in german language. Social insurance office will fill in part B. It is necessary to submit *Austrian trade licence* and *certificate of residence*.

*Additional documents and forms needed to file an application for family allowances.*

– Application – *Beih1 – Antrag auf Familienbeihilfe** -* can be completed on PC and printed or print the form and fill in by hand.

*E411-SK (slovak example) E411-DE -* to print (confirms the Social insurance office)

– Completed form *E401 * (confirms UPSVaR, department of social allowances)*

– Birth certificates of children – translated to German
– Copy of trade licence
– Copy of identification card
– Divorced certificate (final court decision) (or marriage certificate, if
husband/wife does not have family allowances granted in SR) – translated to German
– For schoolchildren, confirmation of attendance – in German
– For studying children, confirmation of study *E402* in German. The school confirms
part B. Slovak form can be found here -*E402 v SJ*

2. case – family allowances remain granted in Slovakia (to the carer or her husband) – request only the payment of the remaining difference in Austria

Married mothers or mothers cohabiting with a partner, family benefits are paid 1x per year, for previous year. Calendar year is taken into account. It is necessary to apply for the allowances every year.

In case, when the husband/wife receives the family allowances in Slovakia, it is necessary to request the payment of the difference – Differenzzahlung. Use form *Beih38*. In such case, with the application for the family allowance it is necessary to also submit  husband’s confirmation of income amount and confirmation of received allowances for previous calendar year*. This is confirmed on the form *E411* by corresponding branch of Social insurance office by presenting the confirmation of income amount.

– Married mothers with children must also submit marriage certificate in German
– Widows must submit death certificate of husband/wife in German

– it is possible to ask for bonus for a disabled child (* degree of disability must be min. 50% and the child should not be in a position to sustain himself )
confirmation of a child’s disability proves doctor specialist on form E407*). The allowance for disabled child must be requested separately on form *Bei3* (clearly it is necessary to send the original application form for family allowances first, form Beih38 or Beih1).

It is possible to request the allowance and bonus for disabled child retrospectively, up to 5 years from submiting the application.

In both cases, with an application for family allowances have ready:

– agreement – Werkvertrag with the family (patient or his/her legal representative) or his/her written statement, or written statement of his/her legal representative about caring activities for the certain period.
– invoices or other receipts as proof of the actual implementation of trade
– proof of existing obligatory social insurance – proof of insurance payments (paid checques from SVA, or confirmation from SVA about the existing insurance, or confirmation that the insurance is not in debt)**